Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire

Rabbit Hole follows Becca and Howie, a young couple who have lost their four-year old son Danny to a tragic car accident. With Izzy, Becca's younger sister, and their highly opinionated mother Nat, the family searches for a way to move forward through the grief as the boy who drove the car, Jason, comes into the family's life.

Show Dates

August 16th @ 7 pm & 17th @ 2 pm 

August 23rd & 24th @ 7 pm

August 29th, 30th, 31st @ 7pm

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Meet the Company

Bennie Palko- Director
Avery Rudman- Assistant Director
Avery is going to be an incoming college freshman at Colorado State University studying theatre and education, and has loved getting to be a part of one last production with NeverLess Theatre Company before she leaves. Avery would like to thank her family for their endless support, Bennie Palko for this opportunity, and to Nate Smith for being a loser. She hopes you enjoy the show!
Sunjoi Gandhi- Stage Manager
Throughout this entire show, Sunjoi has loved learning the complete process of being a stage manager and experiencing rehearsals. She has always done props so trying a new position has expanded her theatre knowledge. Sunjoi would like to thank Mama Gandhi for dealing with how crazy her schedule has been this summer and is grateful her sister was present to ease the tension. She would also like to thank Palko for her guidance on how to be a stage manager and supporting Sunjoi through the learning
Braydon Smith- Asst. Tech Director
He has loved being able to have a little more free reign than he would at school and being able to be in charge. Braydon would like to thank his parents, palko, and everyone who is apart of this show.
Nate Smith- Howie Lead
Nate’s favorite part of this experience has been being able to watch this production come together despite the obstacles that came into play along the journey. Nate would like to thank his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving him the talent and ability to bring laughter and tears to people he has never met. Next, he’d like to thank his Mom and Dad for supporting and encouraging him to be the best actor and person he can be! And a final thanks to his siblings and friends for all the love!
Aidan Clifton- Becca Lead
Aidan’s favorite part of this show was learning everything she has about advanced acting technique. It's been absolutely incredible to learn from and work so closely with all the amazing people of Neverless Theatre Company. Being with such a passionate group has really changed her perspective in a lot of ways, and she is infinitely grateful to have. Finally, she’d like to thank her director, Bennie Palko, for being an incredible director and the best life role model she could have asked for.
Emma Lewarne- Nat Lead
She has enjoyed experiencing a different style of direction. She also enjoyed tackling a larger role and really finding her character. Emma would like to thank her brother for always helping her with finding her characters and encouraging her.
Bailey Mathewson- Izzy Lead
Her favorite part of this experience was the friendships she made with everyone in the company. Bailey would like to thank her family for always supporting her no matter what. She would also like to thank this amazing company for everything they have done for her during this show. “Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
Josh Ilano- Jason Lead
His favorite part of this show was being able to tackle a topic like this and grow such much as an actor along the way. Josh would like to thanks his parents for providing so much for him and supporting him through everything, and his sister for being such a great role model.
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